social media quotes header

Do you know about this place that is visited by more than 53% of the world’s population? Let me tell you which place is that. That place is “social media”. At the beginning of 2021, the number of active users on Social Media platforms was 4.20 Billion. That’s almost half of earth’s population. This awe-inspiring

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how to make money on instagram

You’ve been spending time and effort on Instagram. You’ve been building an audience, putting out great content and getting some great engagement. But is that all you want? Is that all there is to get out of your Instagram efforts? Or can there be a way on how to make money on Instagram using your

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Instagram Video Strategy & Instagram Video Size Guide

Being on Instagram to promote your Company Brand or Personal Brand is a no-brainer. You have to focus on Instagram if you intend to leverage Social Media for business or to connect with your relevant audience. Instagram gives you different content formats to engage with your audience – Static feed posts, Video feed posts, Instagram

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how does fake follower industry work

This article is about the Fake Social Media economy. Fake followers, Fake Engagement, Fake Clout, and everything about that. After this underground industry has come to light after the Badshah Fake views controversy, I will also try to decode the legal implications of such practices. But most importantly, I will attempt to get into the

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hashtags on facebook

Hashtags on Facebook have been quite a mystery for the longest time now. Do they work? Do they not work? How do you know which ones work? Recently Facebook has made some changes that are aimed at making hashtags more important than ever. But before we get into the recent developments, let’s understand what hashtags

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difference between content creator and influencer

We all have most likely heard the terms “influencer” and “content creator” floating around especially when we are on social media. But is there a difference between content creator and influencer? Let’s find out. These terms were also thrown around in large volumes after the recent social media platform clash dubbed as – #YoutubeVsTiktok . With

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Social Media Video Content Guide

Of late, Social Media has seen a surge in the amount of content that is being created and consumed. Whether it is educational, or promotional, the content is evolving and the saturation is making it increasingly difficult to reach your audience. One content format that is working really well is social media videos. Videos are

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