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What is Young Urban Project

Young Urban Project is an EdTech company that offers unparalleled resources and support to professionals and business owners striving for career advancement.

With our Mentor-Led Programs, On-demand courses, and Live workshops, you'll gain cutting-edge skills and knowledge to thrive in competitive industries.

The Young Urban Project Advantage

Flexible learning paths

We offer various formats of learning so that the learners can choose what works best for them.

Access to a SuperTeam of Industry's Top Experts as Mentors

Focus on Practical Learning & Accountability

We know that upskilling can be a game-changer for a professional career. We're confident in our ability to provide learners with cutting-edge programs that will equip them with tangible, real-world skills.

Our approach is all about diving in, getting hands dirty, and coming out the other side with the knowledge required to achieve measurable results.

We're proud to say that our programs are not like the boring, superficial, and theoretical courses you may have encountered elsewhere.

With our focus on practical, industry-ready training, we're confident that our learners will be able to take on new challenges with confidence and excel in their chosen career path.

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