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There’s only one way to learn & master the skills of the Future. And that is, Practically. Young Urban Project was created to deliver a high-value learning experience in Digital Marketing, No-Code, and more. The result is a unique and powerful online community that gives people the skills they need to transform their careers… and… to do so while having a lot of fun!

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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course - Young Urban Project



3-Month Advanced Digital Marketing Certification

Become an expert Digital Marketer with the most comprehensive Practical digital marketing program in the industry where you will learn 360-degree digital marketing skills and implement them in real-time on live projects with some of the biggest brands in the market.

Next Cohort Starts on 27th May’23.



10-Week Performance Marketing Course

Learn the exact paid advertising strategies used by world’s best growth marketers to generate profitable results, leads & sales at scale. Get exclusive access to a SuperTeam of top industry experts and learn how they skyrocket growth for brands.

Next Cohort Starts on 17th June’23.

Performance Marketing Course - Young Urban Project

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Self-Paced | 2000+ learners

Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Course

advanced copywriting course - young urban project - thumbnail
Self-paced | 600+ learners

Ultimate Copywriting Mastery Course

learn to pitch course - young urban project home
Self-Paced | 1000+ learners

Learn to Pitch & Close High-Ticket Clients

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Self-Paced | 1000+ learners

How to Change your Resume & Get Hired

video marketing course - young urban project - thumbnail
Self-Paced | 800+ learners

Video Making & Marketing Mastery Course

🆓 Free Courses

Self-Paced | 1200+ learners

Facebook & Instagram Ads Fundamentals Course

Self-Paced | 1000+ learners

Digital Marketing Strategy Course

free digital marketing fundamentals course
Self-Paced | 5000+ learners

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

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E-books & resources

Stop Working for Peanuts - Learn Freelancing

The Ultimate E-Book for anyone aspiring to start Freelancing or looking to get more clients for their Freelancing business. For beginners & intermediates.

Digital Marketing Basics Course (Hindi)

Free Course

Start learning Digital Marketing from the beginning and understand all the channels under it.

Social Media Calendar - Important days 2022

Free PDF

Never miss any important days in 2022. Make Social Media posts in advance. Completely done for you.

What our learners say

Thanks for making me believe that Digital Marketing is not difficult. With the right guidance from mentors like you, it is possible for newbies like me to understand and practice concepts and use them to grow our business. I am proud to be associated with YUP. Also a big thank you to my fellow cohort-members for all the ideas, questions and inputs shared during the course.
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Isha Ghodgaonkar
My encouraging batch was a mix of students, business owners, working professionals, & freelancers. Through this course, I have successfully managed to make my own website, made SEO optimised landing page, completed Google ad campaigns, and now running on Facebook & Instagram ads. Thanks to Puneet sir's experience and insider tips, Mind you, I have managed to do all this despite working full time.
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Shruti Joshi
HR Professional
I had done many courses over the last 3 years. They have immense theoretical value. But after doing them I always thought what's the application? They were missing something. Young Urban Project made me realize that what most courses lack is the practical element. You have to get your hands dirty. After doing the course here, I can say that Puneet lives up to this. This is not a course, it is a simulation of how digital marketing really works. I think this is the most perfect way of learning.
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Ajay Ravindran
Brand Strategist
Thank you team Young Urban Project for working so hard on this course. Thank you for the awesome mentorship and for answering even my silliest questions. Through the techniques taught in this course, I was able to close a client withing the first 3 weeks itself of starting this course! I couldn't be happier.
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Shweta Shah
Young Urban Project is going to shine bright and become an industry leader some time soon. Thank you so much for the efforts you put in making the learning process of digital marketing easy and fun. The classes were super insightful and you guys went out of the way to help us with every single doubt and question. Thanks for everything.
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Abhishek Singh
Agency Owner
I always wanted to learn digital marketing and in that urge I joined some courses but they were of no use as they only provided superficial knowledge. YUP proved to be a blessing in disguise. Everything was explained explicitly and practically. We also got followup calls. They push you hard to implement learnings. I'm thankful to YUP for giving me this opportunity.
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Harindra Upadhyay
Ex-Indian Navy

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