Advanced Performance Marketing Course 1

Become a Performance Marketing Expert in 10-Weeks

Learn the exact performance strategies used by the world’s best to leverage data to generate profitable results, leads & sales at scale. Get exclusive access to a SuperTeam of top industry experts and copy their proven frameworks.

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Classes start on

6 July'24

Program Duration

10 Weeks

Live Weekend Classes

40+ Hours

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Live classes start on 6th July - Enroll Now. Limited Seats. Live classes start on 6th July - Enroll Now. Limited Seats.

Why should you join this program?

Program Highlights

Why learn Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing (also called Growth Marketing) is a specific branch of digital marketing where paid advertising is used to generate measurable results (leads & sales) for any business. It relies on data-driven decisions in order to maintain a positive ROI. It is one of the highest-paying, in-demand skills today. And it is recession-proof.

5-8 LPA

starting salary

10-15 LPA

salary with 3 year experience


jobs in India (

$40-$120 per hour

is what Freelancers make

Our Alumni Work here

Advanced Performance Marketing Course 2

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This course is for...

Digital Marketers

who want to specialize in Performance Marketing and crack high-paying jobs

Paid Advertisers

Who want to upskill with the most advanced media buying strategies.

Social Media Marketers

Who want to transition to Paid Advertising and want to accelerate their career.

Startup Founders

Who want to acquire customers, and scale without relying on agencies.

Business Owners

Who want to have more control on ROI from paid advertising for their business.


Who want to offer Paid Advertising as a premium service to domestic & international clients.

Marketing Professionals

Who want to switch to Performance Marketing and want to command high salaries or get promoted.

Agency Professionals

Who want to move to the Performance Marketing department in same or bigger agencies.

Students & Freshers

Who want to start a high-growth, lucrative career with one of the most in-demand skills.

Learn from our SuperTeam of mentors

Puneet - YUP

Puneet T

Founder & Lead Mentor

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Pooja K

Marketing Specialist

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Rushabh L

Ex-Google Ads Business Manager

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Achint A

Ex-Media Lead, India

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Ekta C

Ex-Talent Dev Lead

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Paras B

Campaign Analytics Lead

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Parth S

Shopping Ads Specialist

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gayatri - young urban project

Gayatri S

CRO Specialist

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Course Curriculum

(Practical Live Classes, Click on each week to see the topics covered)

Week 1

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

  • Advantages of Performance Marketing for Brands.
  • How to Use Performance Marketing?
  • Understanding the channels of Performance Marketing
  • Understanding Performance Marketing Metrics
  • Performance Marketing for B2B & B2C
Week 2

Learn the most popular advertising platform in the world

  • Understanding important metrics and terms in Meta Ads.
  • Decoding Campaign objectives and Campaign structure
  • Meta Business Manager
  • Installing pixel/CAPI and creating custom events
  • Creating an Ad campaign
  • Generating Leads & Sales
  • Audiences (Custom & Look Alike Audiences)
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Ad reporting and optimization
  • Scaling strategies
  • Latest updates in Meta Ads and how to maneuver around them

Practical Assignment 1 – Setting up a Meta Ads Campaign

Week 3

Learn step-by-step how to run intent-based search ads.

  • How do search Ads work
  • Ad Rank & Quality score
  • Understanding Auction
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Keyword Research & Theming
  • Ad Campaign Structure
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Installing Tracking Tags & Connecting with GA
Week 4

Learn how display or banner ads work and how to create winning Youtube ad campaigns.

  • Setting up Display Campaigns
  • CPM Model
  • Setting up Youtube Campaigns
  • Video Ad Best practices
  • Targeting options
  • Setting up conversion events
  • Building Remarketing Audience
Week 5

Learn how to run ads specific to an e-commerce / D2C business

  • Shopping Campaign settings
  • Drive in-store sales
  • Campaign setup and structure
  • Setting up Google Merchant Center Account
  • Conversions tracking and how to know your shopping campaigns are working
  • Optimize & Scaling

On Day 2, learn Facebook catalog ads.

  • Creating and syncing catalog
  • E-Commerce ad strategy
  • Running dynamic campaigns
  • Remarketing for e-commerce ads
  • Decoding data and making decisions.

Practical Assignment 2 – Building a plan and setting up a Google Ads Campaign

Week 6

Day 1 of this week will comprise of learning how to run X(Twitter) Ads.

  • Learn about X Network
  • Build your X Ads Infrastructure
  • Targeting options
  • Hands-on training on how to launch X Ads
  • Remarketing Ads

On Day 2, you will learn Linkedin Ads:

  • LinkedIn Advertising Basics
  • Pipeline-Driven Campaigns
  • Targeting & Campaign setup
  • Insights Tag installation
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMails, Text Ads, Video Ads, Lead-Gen Forms
  • Ad creative best practices
Week 7

This week, learn one of the most critical skills a performance marketer needs to succeed and bring ROI

  • Shopping Campaign settings
  • Drive in-store sales
  • Campaign setup and structure
  • Setting up Google Merchant Center Account
  • Conversions tracking and how to know your shopping campaigns are working
  • Optimize & Scaling

On Day 2, learn the fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising:

  • Understanding CRO processes
  • Conduct proper optimization research
  • Set up, track and analyze successful A/B tests
  • Understanding of website visitor behaviour
  • Generate valuable insights and prioritize them

Practical Assignment 3 – Analysing a landing page from CRO point-of-view and making recommendations for improving conversion rate.

Week 8

Learn how top Performance Marketers create media plans, budgets and estimates that can be presented to internal stakeholders or clients.

  • How to develop the digital media plan
  • Understand how to schedule media
  • How to estimate performance results
  • Learn how media is use synergistically
  • Media mix
  • Presenting the media plan

Practical Assignment 4 – Creating a Media Plan based on the brief.

Week 9

Learn how to collate, ready, and analyse data with Google Analytics in order to optimise your campaigns

  • How do Analytics help in Performance Marketing
  • Setting up GA4
  • Setting up your analytics dashboard
  • How to track website visitor behaviour
  • Creating multi-channel goals
  • Attribution
  • Special masterclass on Adobe Analytics
Week 10
  • Preparation & guidance for a Performance Marketing Career
  • 1:1 Assistance
  • Resume Preparation & Makeover
  • Get the common Interview questions and learn how to tackle them.
  • Mock interview

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Enroll today before 21st Jul 11:59PM to get exclusive Premium bonuses worth ₹50,000!

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Get Certified by
Young Urban Project

On completion of this program, you will be awarded with a certification which is:

Advanced Performance Marketing Course 29

You should join this course if

You are a digital marketer but you want to stand-out from your peers and establish yourself as a specialist.

You want to grow your salary by at least 3x by becoming a specialised Performance or Growth Marketer.

You want to advance your career Fast by learning one of the most in-demand skills in the industry.

You want to learn the Insider Secrets of how some of the biggest brands scale to millions of dollars.

You want to go beyond being an average Digital Marketer or Facebook/Google advertiser and want to become a performance specialist.

You want to get exclusive access to India’s top Experts in Performance Marketing.

You want to learn this valuable skill without trial-and-error and without wasting months of your time figuring out all by yourself.

Join India’s Most In-depth & Practical Performance Marketing Program and get:

Advanced Performance Marketing Course 30

These brands are hiring performance marketers

Advanced Performance Marketing Course 31

& thousand more brands

This is the best outcome-driven course in market. Here's why:

YUP's 10-week Course
100% Live interactive Classes
Multiple specialist mentors for each module
Practical, Industry-relevant curriculum
Get your queries answered anytime
1-on-1 career support
Get support even after the course ends
Lifetime access to class recordings
Access to a meaningful, premium Alumni community
Other courses
Pre-recorded, boring, one-sided videos
Only one generalist mentor throughout
Theoretical curriculum
Wait for crowded Q&A sessions to ask queries
No individual support whatsoever
Once the course ends, you are on your own
Limited-time or no access to recordings
No community or crowded discord servers


Yes, this is a 100% live course and each class takes place on Zoom. You can attend from any place and from any device. 

Apart from live classes, you also get some recorded masterclasses on specialised topics.

The classes will take place every Saturday & Sunday from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM for 10-weeks.

Having a basic knowledge of digital marketing ecosystem will help you.

We will also share pre-read material to get you started once you enroll.

However, this course starts from the basics of performance marketing as a business function and you don’t need any prior knowledge for it.

This is not a transactional course. We understand that our learners will have queries beyond the classes. Which is why we offer unlimited support even after the course ends. You will always have direct access to a dedicated program manager and you will also be able to block mentor calls in case of complex issues.

Our belief is that theory can only take you so far. We have designed our curriculum in a way that you should be able to plug-and-play in any company that you work with or join in future. Our lessons rely less on ppts, and more on dashboard walkthroughs, and live case studies.

Simply put, this course is a simulation of how real-life performance marketing works.

The SuperTeam Mentors are multiple Performance or Growth Marketing experts who have worked with companies like Google, Microsoft, Madison, Navi, LinkedIn, Vodafone. These are practitioners who have spent years working hands-on in this space and know the inside out of performance marketing.

The mentor lineup can change (replaced with other expert mentors) in certain cases.

Yes, you will get lifetime access to class recordings. We want you to be able to refer back to the classes whenever you want.

We have EMI plans available:
You can avail EMI of 3/6/9/12 months. Please speak to our Program Management team on this number: +91 6280908690 to avail the option.

We have an in-house talent development team that will work closely with you to advance your career.

And this guidance is 1-on-1 because we believe that each individual is at a different stage in career and requires individual attention.

We will guide you from rebuilding your resume & Linkedin profiles in order to get you discovered by recruiters organically. Then, we will give you guidance on interview preparation along with the questions and the method of tackling them.

We also organise mock interviews on request.

And apart from that, we share relevant opportunities with our learner community on a regular basis.

This is an end-to-end assistance tailore for you.

Yes, you will get an official and verified Certificate from Young Urban Project.

You can Click Here to reach us on WhatsApp or Call at: +91 6280908690

Get started to become a Successful Performance Marketer


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