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Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year

The digital marketing world is evolving faster than one can imagine. Unless you want to be left behind, you need to adapt too. There are a lot of Digital Marketing Books and other content formats to help with that.

However, it is not very easy to learn, adapt, make changes, and stay ahead of the curve.

Of course, there is an abundance of information available online and you’re probably wondering “why books”?

Well, books have the advantage that they will give you an in-depth understanding of all the fundamental subjects and help increase your analytical skills.

I personally love reading books (not just digital marketing books, but other genres too) as it allows me to consume information at my own pace and revisit anything as and when I want.

There are a lot of digital marketing books that will make sure that you always stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant.

As successful businesses get bigger, the role of a digital marketer is changing.

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The skills that come with digital marketing are critical to the success of both small and large businesses.

So, whether you’re a digital marketing professional, or are running a business, or are a student/fresher planning to enter the digital marketing world, it is time to pause and reflect on how you can upgrade your knowledge.

Books have always had a high ground in the channelization of information.

However, it works only through a good choice of digital marketing books.

Top Digital Marketing books that are a must-have for any marketing professional

If you want to be a top-performing digital marketer, then you must know what you’re doing and where to find out.

To help you succeed, we’ve lined up the top digital marketing books titles that we believe every digital marketer must get his or her hands on. (The list includes many topics such as SEO, social media, and web design.)

1: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 1

Gary Vaynerchuk, four-time New York Times bestselling author, is an early investor in organizations like Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber.

About the Book:

When managers and marketers outline their social media strategies, they plan for the “right hook”—the next sale or campaign that’s going to knock out the competition. They also plan for the “jab,” which is the patient, persistent engagement that builds relationships. Even companies committed to jabbing want to land the punch that will take down their competition, or their customer’s resistance, in one blow. Jabs convert traffic to sales, but only if they’re effective.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are changing the way we communicate, and Vaynerchuk shows you how. While communication is still key, context matters more than ever. It’s not about creating high-quality content; it’s about creating content perfectly tailored to specific social media platforms and mobile devices.

Amongst other digital marketing books on this list, the contents of this book might be a little dated, but the overarching strategy still holds true today.


Hardcover ₹ 617

Kindle Edition ₹ 518

2: Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation & Practice – Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 2

Dave Chaffey has composed different digital marketing books like Digital Business and E-Commerce Management, the E-advertisers Bundle, and so on.

He is a lecturer of Marketing at Cranfield and Birmingham Universities. Fiona Ellis-Chadwick is a scholastic expert for BBC and Lecturer in Marketing at The Open University Business School. She has, likewise, co-authored “Standards and Practice of Marketing.”

About the Book:

Written by Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, this digital marketing book is a favorite of people seeking to see everything about this type of marketing and the people who want to learn to advertise from basics to up-to-date trends must read it.

You’ll find out best practice frameworks for developing a digital marketing strategy, plus success factors for key digital marketing techniques including search marketing, conversion optimization, and digital communications using social media like Twitter and Facebook.


Paperback ₹ 3995

Kindle Edition ₹ 3795

3: Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 3

Seth Godin, the founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, is the writer of 18 books including digital marketing books, marketing books, career-related books, and more. His books have been distributed in more than 35 dialects. In 2013, he was conceded into the Digital Marketing Hall of Fame.

About the book:

Permission marketing: the classic amongst other top digital marketing books, enables today’s marketers to create their marketing message as per clients’ eagerness. Seth Godin rejects the concept of ‘interruption marketing’ where organizations offer their products or services by pushing the communication like a pushy salesperson. He shares practical techniques and case studies for pulling in potential clients. This book accentuates the requirement regarding seeking permission as a benefit. With consent, comes the huge duty to impart significant content to the audience base. Four tests of Permission Marketing make the firm establishment for trust and brand awareness.


Paperback: Rs 310

Hardcover: Rs 1554

Kindle Edition: Rs 281

4: Epic Content Marketing – Joe Pulizzi

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 4

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, is a content marketing strategist and podcaster who organizes the content marketing show ‘Content Marketing World’ in North America. He is otherwise called the ‘Godfather of Content Marketing.’

About the book:

In this book, Joe Pulizzi (content marketing speaker, strategist, author, and content entrepreneur. Author, Content Inc. and Founder, The Tilt) reveals the art of telling an alternate story by winning the hearts of the crowd with sensible marketing and less clutter.

He emphasizes the importance of valuable content that clients are always excited to consume and share. This book shares the most important tactics of creating content that buyers are always eager to read and share. The author urges organizations to stop talking about themselves. He explains the value of having a genuine voice for customer engagement.


Hardcover: Rs 1845

Kindle Edition: Rs 1312

5: Youtility – Jay Baer

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 5

About the book:

Jay Baer is an expert at digital marketing and the author of “YOUTILITY,” which is based on three principles: that businesses are built on human relationships; that social media helps build human relationships; and that people buy for the emotional connection and not just because of price and product features.

“YOUTILITY” is special amongst digital marketing books as it will change the way you think about your customers. The entire book revolves around savvy marketing with the point of transforming a one-time customer into a long-term client.

With genuine corporate examples, he explains how purchasers have the upper ground to sift through hype-filled marketing.


Hardcover: Rs 583

Kindle Edition: Rs 696

6: The New Rules of Marketing and PR – David Meerman Scott

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 6

David Meerman Scott’s considerably lengthy listing of advisory clients includes Hubspot (a company he helped grow from a modest bunch of clients to more than 30,000 clients in 90 nations with his deals and advertising techniques).

His book has been translated into 29 different languages, and many colleges and B-Schools have included it in their curriculum. The book gives a well-ordered technique for expanding visibility and sales by speaking with the clients specifically.

It supplies ideas and resources for the business owners and entrepreneurs for developing a solid advertising and PR program. The Functional Marketing Guide is an entrancing guide that includes case studies and detailed analysis for surely promoting any merchandise, administration, or thought.


Paperback: Rs 458

7: The Art of SEO – Eric Enge

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 7

About the book:

Eric Enge, CEO, and founder of digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting is known for breaking new grounds and disposing of regular myths in the search engine industry.

Jessie, the founder of SEO agency Alchemist Media, is one of the first nine founders of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization). She was the first individual to pitch the PPC click fraud in 2001.

Stephan, the founder of SEO organization Netconcepts, invented the computerized pay-for-performance natural search tech platform ‘Natural Search Optimizer.’ His incredible command in SEO, profitability, and other online themes landed him more than 100 talking gigs around the world.

This book provides online marketers with a new view of SEO tools and optimization tactics.

These three recognized experts had investigated the inward workings of search engines in this 990+page guide, which can be considered as one of the best books of digital marketing.

The readers get a glimpse of SEO industry’s future by understanding the impact of different algorithm updates, instruments for tracking results, and new developments in mobile & local SEO.


Kindle: Rs 1490

Paperback: Rs 2100

8: The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, & Strategies for Business Success – Lon Safko

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 8

About the book:

Lon Safko is CEO at “Innovative Thinking”. His book The Fusion Marketing Bible was a hit #3 on Amazon, while The Social Media Bible was a hit #1 on Amazon.

This book is extremely recommended for digital marketing experts, firms, organizations, small or huge business ventures as it is updated with all the new procedures, data, and strategies expected to get business success through social media marketing.

Each of the updates and tactics required for marketing through Twitter, Google Search engines, Yammer, mobile marketing, gadgets, plug-ins, applications, and so forth are incorporated into this Social Media Bible.


Hardcover ₹2,213.98

Paperback ₹2,208.40

9: The Big Data-Driven Business – Russell Glass & Sean Callahan

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 9

About the book:

Russell Glass is head of Products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. He was additionally founder, president, and CEO of Bizo, which was a B2B audience-marketing platform, while Sean Callahan is a co-author and Senior Manager, Content Marketing LinkedIn.

For fruitful digital marketing in 2017, significant data will be the most prevailing source of bits of knowledge about your potential clients, and this book will be conclusive in understanding the significance of Big Data.

The book incorporates expert advice and genuine cases that work as a helping medium to beat contenders and win clients skillfully.

The Big Data-Driven Business is undoubtedly one of the best marketing books of 2017 that tells you strategies that lift the benefits of organizations by utilizing big data most thoroughly. Data-driven campaigns will be a standout amongst other real trends of 2017.


Hardcover ₹2,213.98

Paperback ₹2,208.40

10: Digital Marketing for DummiesRyan Deiss and Russ Hennesberry

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 10

About the book:

This 300-page book covers marketing planning, SEO, SEM, social, display, paid, email and data analytics.

This book gives special focus on the importance of landing pages along with 50+ blog category ideas like:

  • Lists
  • How-To’s
  • Comparison
  • What-If
  • Product Tips

Overall, this is one of the most elaborate books on online marketing and can also be considered as one of the best social media marketing books of all time.


Paperback: Rs 692

11) Hug Your Haters – Jay Baer

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 11

About the book:

This book offers a concrete framework of proper customer service by guiding on how to address public and private complaints and grievances. This book also tells you the right time to respond to the customer’s complaint and how to utilize the best tools and practices to turn your company’s problems into a profitable solution.

With many interesting case studies, this book will keep you hooked till the end and will teach you the secret to tackle haters with compassion, wit, and presence of mind.

Your business can only see constant success when your customers are consistently happy and to make it happen you need this book to learn the very basics.


Hardcover: Rs 458

Kindle: Rs 185

12) Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming ProductsNir Eyal

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 12

About the book:

Why do some products capture our attention while others flop? What makes us engage with certain things out of sheer habit? Is there an underlying pattern to how technologies hook us?

Nir Eyal answers these questions (and many more) with the Hook Model – a four-step process that, when embedded into products, subtly encourages customer behaviour. Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these products bring people back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

Hooked is based on Eyal’s years of research, consulting, and practical experience. He wrote the book he wished had been available to him as a start-up founder – not abstract theory, but a how-to guide for building better products. Hooked is written for product managers, designers, marketers, start-up founders, and anyone who seeks to understand how products influence our behaviour.

Eyal provides readers with practical insights to create user habits that stick; actionable steps for building products people love; and riveting examples from the iPhone to Twitter, Pinterest and the Bible App.


Hardcover: Rs 580

Kindle: Rs 309

13) Copywriting SecretsJim Edwards

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 13

About the book:

This is one of my favorite digital marketing books out there. It teaches you street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches you how to get results instantly with the power of copywriting. (Because we all need to make more sales today . . . not tomorrow, not next week!)

If you’ve tried to write ads, emails, and sales letters for your business before and failed, this book is for you. If you need to make more sales–no matter what you sell or who you sell it to–this book is for you.

Bottom Line: If you want to make a lot more money, have a lot more time off, and enjoy a lot more freedom, this book is for you . . . especially if you’re not making as many sales as you want to right now.


Paperback: Rs 1147

Hardcover: Rs 1907

Kindle: Rs 449

14) Sell Like Crazy – Sabri Suby

Best 14 Digital Marketing Books you need to read this year 14

About the book:

When it comes to digital marketing books, “Sell Like Crazy” is one of the latest ones to make a mark – primarily because of the smart advertising that has gone behind it. Some people became instant fans of this book, while some were left unimpressed. I, however, found it enriching.

Sabri Suby, the founder an Australian digital marketing agency, reveals his step-by-step formula for growing the sales of any business, in any market or niche! The author claims that the 8 phase ‘secret selling system’ detailed in this book has been deployed in over 167 industries and is responsible for generating over $400 million dollars in sales. This isn’t like any business or marketing book you’ve ever read.

There’s no fluff or filler – just battle-hardened tactics that are working right now to rapidly grow sales. Use these timeless principles to rapidly and dramatically grow the sales for your business and crush your competition into a fine powder.


Paperback: Rs 349

Kindle: Rs 449


However all said, reading alone won’t make you a specialist. You need to move and Implement.

You can start from any of the books mentioned in the above list.

These digital marketing books will extend your comprehension to enable you to exceed expectations in the field of digital marketing.