Why learn digital marketing

Why should you learn Digital Marketing as soon as possible?

Digital Marketing is getting a lot of attention these days. Many people have joined the Digital Marketing bandwagon and are learning the tricks of the trade. However, some still wonder if it is worth the hype or a mere fad that would pass eventually. However, digital marketing is not just another profession. In the contemporary digital age, it has become a quintessential part of our lives. It is a skill that you should possess irrespective of your core profession and educational background.

Digital marketing skills are in serious demand and unfortunately, there are not enough professionals in the market to fill the demand-supply gap. The job opportunities for a digital marketing professional are aplenty, and learning the skill could mean a serious jump in your career graph. Bigger budgets, increased pay, and a wide range of career choices are some of the benefits you could enjoy as a digital marketing professional.

 So if you are looking for a challenging career with an impressive career path and huge opportunities, then you should acquire this skill. The right time to learn Digital Marketing is now!

What is Digital Marketing?

Before we get into the definition of digital marketing, let’s first discuss traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, you have a product that you need to sell, and you look for ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness. And this is exactly what digital marketing is all about. Except, the channels used in Digital Marketing are different from Traditional Marketing. Building narratives, creating stories and capturing your user’s attention in the quirkiest, most fascinating ways possible on digital platforms. Here are some cases in point.

 The world is going digital and so is our activism. We mobilize offline as well as online. When we use powerful hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter or #MeToo, our purpose is to grow awareness around the issue, which in a way influences the action of many, i.e digital marketing. Any tactic employed to ensure that it influences others is a form of digital marketing. Teenagers creating TikTok videos are also doing digital marketing because they are promoting themselves as a brand to gain more followers.

Why is Digital Marketing on a meteoric rise?

India has approximately 800 million mobile users and according to a report, around 97% of these users access the internet on their phones. Through digital marketing, brands can target their users and communicate with them effectively. If we look around us, we will see that the internet has impacted the behaviour of people and digital marketing is everywhere. Also, everyone is a digital marketer because they are promoting themselves.

Why should not wait to learn Digital Marketing anymore

The digital economy has successfully carved a place for itself in our lives, and it is not going anywhere. The demand for it is growing constantly and there is plenty of room for everyone to enter. 

We are living in exciting times. Careers are constantly evolving to cope with the fast-paced technology that is taking over the world. Some of the most coveted skills in 2019 include content creation and curation, social media strategy, and analytics- which form the core components of digital marketing. 

Digital jobs are growing at a rapid pace, and those who are learning it acquire a unique competitive advantage- they are preparing themselves for a career where the demand exceeds the supply. This is always a smart move. However, before you embark on a digital marketing career, check which skills are in the highest demand and prepare yourself accordingly. Besides this, you should always prepare yourself to learn a lot more than what you had initially anticipated, because it is a fast-evolving field, and matches the pace of technology. As technology advances more and more, digital marketers will have to use newer tools and skills to keep up with the short attention span of their consumers.

Since the demand for digital marketing is huge and supply less, it is obvious that people proficient in it would receive attractive salaries. There is a huge demand for skilled talent in this field in every industry on this earth. This means that a smart digital marketer would not only be able to negotiate for great salaries but also get bonuses and other benefits that come with the job.

With the right digital marketing skills, you’d be able to kickstart your digital marketing career quite easily. You wouldn’t have to rely on internships and training. Instead, you will embark on a successful career the moment you acquire the skills.

We are experiencing a digital revolution at present. Technology has boomed beyond belief in the past ten years and it has taken over everyday aspects of our lives. Our digital experiences are impacting our real-world and brands are taking cognizance of that. Brands need digital marketers to capture the attention of their users and give them an amazing digital experience.

There are huge opportunities for digital professionals across industries. It is a skill that you should require if you want to open a box of new opportunities. Even if you do not want to be a core digital marketer, you should have an idea about the marketing fundamentals if you want to grow as a company or a brand. If you have not given much thought to it, well it is not too late. You should start NOW!