difference between content creator and influencer

The not-so Subtle Difference between Content Creator and Influencer

We all have most likely heard the terms “influencer” and “content creator” floating around especially when we are on social media. But is there a difference between content creator and influencer? Let’s find out.

These terms were also thrown around in large volumes after the recent social media platform clash dubbed as – #YoutubeVsTiktok .

With all these conversations going around on the digital platforms, some of you might have picked sides. Some might have been indifferent to the whole situation, and some might have even been on the fence.

In this article, we’ll go over the difference between content creator and influencer.

If you are a brand manager or an agency professional, we’ll also differentiate and define when to leverage each of these two entities for your brand campaigns.

The lines are blurry between the two words and they are used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two.

Let’s start by defining the difference between these two types of groups.

Why is it important for you to know the difference between Content Creator and Influencer? 

Understanding the key difference between Content Creator and Influencer (and similarities) between the two will allow you to understand and plan which partnership will help you to meet your business or campaign objectives.

With content creators, you can leverage their creativity and ability to curate engaging images and videos to fuel your own marketing channels.

On the other hand, with influencers, you can leverage their dedicated audience to build brand awareness and trust.

Who are content creators and why should you work with them?

content creator

The content creators are the artists on social media, they were existing before the rise of social media or even the Internet.

Content creators are known for their skill at creating a particular type of content.

Content creators are the photographers, creative directors, writers videographers who are well versed in creating professional and  high-quality content.

They take their visual (or artistic) creativity to a whole new level. 

You have probably seen any creator profile on Instagram with the category “artist”, “video creator”,” make up artist”,” graphic designer” etc., These are the content creators.    

Content creators don’t have much to do with the numbers i.e the likes, followers, comments. Instead they focus on the quality of content.

They just present their professional portfolio in social media, to get more work, and to create a community of like-minded people.

Content creators create the original high-quality content to tell the Brand story or brand  message.

Brands who need to obtain good quality content for their website, emails, print, paid ads, or social, these individuals are your go-to.

Content creators make beautiful, professional-quality content that is aspirational yet authentic.

They can solve your content shortage problem.

Who are Influencers and why should you work with them?

social media influencers

“An individual who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of his/her (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, relationship.”

An influencer can be a celebrity, a blogger, a TV personality, a storyteller, a reviewer, a comedian, micro-influencer, or a YouTuber.

Influencers are known for their voice or their thought leadership in a particular community.

They are keener on seeking the eyeball of their audience. They create their content around one particular topic.

Influencers are usually seen on social media with their page category as “public figure”.  Though it is not sacrosanct.

Influencers generally make their social profile very catchy and pleasing, the reason being they inspire their audience with their lifestyle.

Social media influencing is all about “making it influential”. Your success is determined on the basis of how your audience gets influenced by you.

Influencer’s content might not be the most beautifully crafted always, they make up for it with their ability to capture their audience’s attention.

The reason behind the success story on influencers is they are the real people who’ve marketed their personal brands through social media to build a following.

People nowadays are likely to trust someone they follow on social media, and the brands can take this as a channel to market their product and get it recognized by a large group of people.

These influencers share valuable recommendations and tips with their dedicated audiences, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions.

They can help businesses in expanding the brand’s reach or to create awareness. The audience that follows these influencers can be influenced by them in a true sense and even make the purchase. 

If you are a brand looking to drive sales, web traffic, or brand awareness, working with influencers might work best for you.

The real difference can be seen as the content creators inspire their audience with their amazing creativity and skills, their relation is much formal and only restricted to their professional work only.

Whereas influencers attract their audience with their lifestyle and routine work, they are always connected to their audiences and maintain a good relationship with them.

These are not the hardcore differences, as many times expert marketers can’t figure out the clear difference between the content creators and influencers, it is just the way how to perceive your presence on social media.  

Can an influencer also be a content creator and vice versa??

An influencer can also be a content creator and vice versa, for as long as they fit the parameters we defined in the descriptions above.

In fact, there is oftentimes a huge overlap in the two. Yet, understanding the key difference between Content Creator and Influencer will allow you to understand and plan whose partnership will help your business to meet objectives.

Which one out of the two do you prefer? Let us know in comments.

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