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6 Step Framework – Social Media Marketing for your Digital Marketing Agency

Most Digital Marketing Agencies are committed to deliver immense value to their clients and help them achieve their Digital Marketing objectives. They do everything in their power to ensure the client gets the maximum bang for buck. However, in this pursuit, they sometimes forget to leverage the power of Digital for themselves – Use Social Media Marketing for an Agency (their own).

This framework, while created for Digital Marketing Agencies or Creative Agencies, will apply to all B2B businesses that want to create and nurture a community on social media, and eventually leverage this community to generate leads / business.

We’re recommending a few things that, if done with commitment, will help your Agency win on social media like never before.

Define the audience that is interested in following a Digital Marketing agency on social media

Before you go ahead and start asking your intern to increase the followers on your social media account – organically – within 30 days, let’s take a step back to understand who these followers are going to be?

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, you are in a B2B (Business to Business) industry. That means your clients / customers are primarily going to be other businesses.

Hence, the audience for your social media communication has to be key personnel from your potential and existing client organizations.

Another set of audience would be professionals who work in the same industry as yours. These people are either there to learn more from you (experts in the space) or could become your hires in future.

So, now that you have identified your TG, let’s get into the steps that are required to create an engaged community on social media for your Digital Marketing Agency.

Create content that educates the Target Audience for your Digital Marketing Agency – Clients

This is a masterstroke if you get it right. Your clients are looking for experts (agencies) to help them out with their Digital Marketing requirements.

This means they aren’t experts themselves in the domain or do not have too much time on the hand to learn the ropes.

And this is why they burn their fingers with sometimes unprofessional freelancers or agencies that take them for a ride. This leads to a drop in trust they have for agencies.

Now, what if you could step up and start posting content on your social media that is created with an objective to educate the clients about Digital Marketing.

So they at least know the right questions to ask to prospective agencies, or maybe know the right metrics to focus on to measure the success of their digital efforts.

The clients will greatly value someone who educates them on how to talk to the service providers in this industry that they don’t completely understand.

That makes your trust levels go up and when the potential clients actually need someone to manage their Digital Marketing, you would be one of the first names to come to their minds.

Examples of Content types based on the verticals:

  • Paid Advertising / PPC Agency
    • How does bidding work.
    • What is the difference between CPC and CPM.
    • What is Programmatic advertising.
    • What are affiliate programmes.
    • How to measure the success of a campaign.
  • Social Media Agency
    • How to create a content strategy.
    • What is organic v/s paid reach.
    • How to leverage each social media platform for the strength it has.
    • What should be included in a social media report.
  • SEO Agency
    • How does a search engine work – crawling, indexing & ranking.
    • What are backlinks – Do-Follow and No-Follow.
    • What is schema mark-up.
    • What is a Google My Business listing.
  • Content Marketing Agency
    • What is long form v/s short form content.
    • How to create video content on a budget.
    • What is keyword population.
  • Website Development Agency
    • What is UI and UX
    • What is a CMS and how to choose the one suited to your business.
    • What is on-page SEO optimisation.
    • What technologies should be used for your kind of business.
best practices of social media marketing for an agency

Share the best practices of the Digital Marketing industry

As a part of the strategy to do Social Media Marketing for an agency, this would involve you talking about the do’s and don’t on your industry.

If you can create content to further guide your audience on the best practices of the industry, you are building further trust for your potential clients.

A few topics you can talk about are:

  • How to create an RFP (Request for Proposal).
  • How to organise a pitch.
  • How to evaluate an agency pitch

When you do this, you demonstrate that even though you’re an agency, you also deeply understand the client side and their psychology.

This makes you come across as a partner rather than a vendor. This is immensely beneficial for you when it comes to getting the trick right while doing Social Media Marketing for an agency.

Try not to sell blatantly all the time on your social media platforms

Of course, the final objective of doing social media marketing for an agency is to get noticed by people on client side and get leads or business through that.

But nothing is going to put them off more than you trying to sell your services all the time on your social media platforms.

If you are building a community based on knowledge sharing, you need to focus on that. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your services.

Just make sure you balance of a selling post to knowledge posts in a way that your social media accounts still look like value adding accounts.

Most agencies fail here because all they post about is how great they are, how they won so many awards, how their founders were a part of jury at an event.

While these are necessary, these are not going to get people outside your agency to engage with your content or become loyal followers on social media.

Our recommended ratio for a Knowledge post : Selling(or lead gen) post is 4 : 1. For every four knowledge pieces of content, you can publish one lead driving piece of content.

Don’t forget the other important audience set while doing Social Media Marketing for an agency – the prospective employees

A lot of professionals from the industry also tend to follow an organisation’s page to stay updated with the culture and life @ the agency. Don’t ignore them.

What you post on your agency’s social media accounts will keep this audience set engaged with you and when the time comes, will help you hire good talent from the industry.

This is a great way to leverage your agency’s social media for recruitment.

Show case studies of how your agency helped other clients achieve their digital marketing industries

This is where a little bit of bragging right is bestowed upon you. If you have delivered some great results for clients, it’s imperative to make easy-to-understand case studies based on what the clients would want to see.

These case studies have to define the problem in a way that it becomes relatable for other clients.

In this content format, explain your agency’s unique approach to solving that problem, how the execution was done and what the results were. Make this simple to understand without using any jargon.

You could post these case studies as articles on your website and then cross promote these articles on your social media accounts.

Apart from demonstrating your agency’s digital marketing prowess, this will also send traffic to your website where you can have a lead generation module set up.

Hope these pointers will help founders of Digital Marketing and Creative Agencies to create a framework when it comes to doing social media marketing for an agency.

Feel free to customise this as per your agency size, position in the business life cycle and content capabilities.

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