Will Apple bring back Metaverse with Vision Pro? 2

Will Apple bring back Metaverse with Vision Pro?

Apple, the tech giant known for revolutionizing various industries, made waves at the recent WWDC23 conference (held on 5th June 2023) with a series of announcements. While several updates across their product lineup captured attention, one announcement stood out among the rest—the introduction of their highly anticipated mixed reality headset, Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro Unveiling:

With Vision Pro, Apple aims to create a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly integrates digital content with the physical world, enabling users to stay present and connected to others.

Will Apple bring back Metaverse with Vision Pro? 3

Controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice inputs, this cutting-edge device promises to deliver an unparalleled mixed-reality experience.

Although the market already boasts devices like Microsoft’s Hololens, Meta’s Oculus Quest, and Magic Leap, Apple’s entry into this arena carries significant weight, given its track record of transforming entire product categories.

The Apple Touch

Apple has a history of propelling emerging technologies into the mainstream. With the introduction of Vision Pro, they may rekindle conversations around the concept of the Metaverse—a virtual shared space where users interact with a combination of physical and digital elements.

While other companies have struggled to make significant progress in this area, Apple’s influence and innovation might bring the Metaverse closer to reality.

Will Apple bring back Metaverse with Vision Pro? 4

Will Apple succeed in making the Metaverse a reality?

While Apple explicitly avoided the use of words like “virtual reality” or “metaverse” in its marketing materials, it’s clear that this technology represents a new paradigm for immersive digital experiences and will likely shape the way we build in Web3.

Metaverse, as a concept, gained a lot of momentum since 2021 when Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company will be renamed to “Meta” and their focus will heavily tilt towards building a Metaverse.

However, things didn’t work as well for Meta and they couldn’t get mainstream adoption for their VR headsets.

Will Apple bring back Metaverse with Vision Pro? 5

The Price Barrier:

Despite the excitement surrounding Vision Pro, Apple’s decision to price the headset starting at $3499 (~INR 3 lac) raises eyebrows. It’s a considerable investment for a new product without proven use cases.

By comparison, Meta’s Quest Pro, the top variant of their headset, costs $999 (less than INR 90K on Amazon), and the upcoming Quest 3 will launch at a starting price of $499.

The exceptional build quality and features showcased during the presentation undoubtedly impress, but the high price point limits the initial audience to affluent early adopters.

The Future Possibilities:

While it remains early to gauge Vision Pro’s impact, Apple’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement leaves room for optimism. Future iterations of the product may see enhanced capabilities and a progressive reduction in price, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Apple’s strategy of fostering a loyal developer community, alongside partnerships with industry giants like Disney, ensures a robust ecosystem of apps and immersive content.

Embracing a More Immersive Future:

With Vision Pro and similar advancements, it becomes clear that the future will be increasingly immersive and reality will be mixed. From entertainment and gaming to education and communication, the integration of digital and physical realms opens up avenues for transformative experiences.

Apple’s entry into the mixed reality space with Vision Pro marks a significant milestone for the industry. While the initial price point may limit widespread adoption, the exceptional quality and innovation showcased by Apple suggest that the future holds great promise. As the Metaverse inches closer to reality, Vision Pro’s impact on the industry and its potential to shape our everyday lives cannot be underestimated.

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