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Live Online Workshop

Live Online Workshop

Learn how to crack into a Product Marketing Manager Role in 3 Hours

Learn everything about a Product Marketing career. Find out What does a PMM do, what skills are needed to become one, and how you can transition into a Product Marketing role with no prior experience.

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And who can become one?

A product marketing manager (PMM) tells the product's story to the market. The PMM's job is to understand the product's value proposition and turn that information into compelling messages for customers, prospects, and internal audiences.

A PMM's responsibilities include conducting market research, developing product messaging and collateral, planning launches and campaigns, creating pricing strategies, and providing ongoing market feedback to inform product evolution.


What will you learn?

Curriculum for the workshop

Intro to Product Marketing

What is a product?
What is Product Marketing.
How it it different from Product Management?

Understanding a PMM's role

Importance of Product Marketing.
Role & responsibilities of a PMM.
Skills required for becoming PMM.
How is a PMM different from a regular marketer?

Understanding your Customers

Identifying target customers and their needs.
Conducting basic market research.
Creating simple buyer personas.

Product Positioning and Messaging

Defining product positioning and its importance.
Crafting a basic value proposition.
Developing a simple messaging framework.

Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategies

What is a Go-to-Market Strategy?
Identifying target channels for promotion.
What does a simple GTM plan look like?
Campaign budgeting.

How to make a Career in Product marketing

How to crack into PMM roles
Growth & career roadmap in PMM roles.
Expected salary.
Next steps.


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Ashika Austin

"Hello everyone,
I'm super thrilled to meet you all & chat about something I'm truly passionate about Product Marketing.
With 6 years of marketing experience under my belt, I've got an extensive experience into the world of product marketing.

At Swiggy, I had the privilege of managing the membership charter, Swiggy One. Throughout my journey, I've had the opportunity to craft compelling customer journeys, launch exciting new features, and tackle perception-changing problem statements. What truly excites me about product marketing is the perfect blend of creativity and science. I firmly believe in the power of behavioral science principles to drive significant shifts in consumer perceptions and actions.

Today, I'm looking forward to sharing some real-world examples and insights with all of you. Let's dive in together and explore the fascinating world of product marketing!"

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Why learn Product Marketing?

Be the Voice that Ignites Market Adoption

Shape how the market perceives a product and drive its adoption through strategic marketing initiatives.

₹11L - ₹25L/yr Base Pay Range

Enjoy a competitive salary range with ample growth opportunities based on experience and expertise.

Build User Stories & Campaigns Across All Channels

Develop creative and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences across various channels.

Massive Job Opportunities Due to Low Competition

Stand out in a job market with high demand and relatively low competition for qualified PMMs.

Become an Invaluable Asset

Your skills will be sought after by companies across industries, giving you career flexibility and security.


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Go beyond regular marketing and make a career in Product Marketing

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