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Why learn Product Marketing?

Every app on your phone is a Product. And Product companies are rising like never before. All products require specialists to launch them and keep bringing success for them. This requires specialists "Product Marketers" to come in.

Product Marketing has become one of the most sought after roles in recent times and is highly rewarding. If you love working in fast-paced, dynamic environment, and want to create an impact over various areas - PMM career is for you.

Course Curriculum

(Practical Live Classes, Click on each week to see the topics covered)

Module 1

The first module will build a solid foundation for the weeks to come.

  • What is product marketing?
  • Product marketing career roadmap
  • The product lifecycle
  • The difference between a PM and PMM
  • Difference between conventional marketing and Product Marketing
  • Product marketing framework
  • Portfolio messaging
  • Skills to build to become a successful PMM
Module 2

All successful Product Marketing efforts begin with research. This can make or break a product.

Module 3

This module will cover two crucial elements of a PMM’s KPIs.

  • Introduction to pricing
  • Pricing models
  • Selecting your segments
  • Packaging and bundling
  • Feature preference and value metrics
  • What is willingness to pay?
  • Building the pricing strategy and roadmap
  • Pricing psychology experiments


  • What are personas and why are they important
  • What are negative personas
  • Persona use cases
  • How to conduct interviews for persona building
  • What are the right questiones to ask in the interview
  • B2B and B2C questions master list
  • step-by-step guide to build your persona with templates
  • Reviewing and measuring success of your personas
Module 4
  • What are PMM Metrics and why do they matter? – KPIs and OKRs
  • Solving the problem of attribution
  • Product launch metrics
  • Product adoption and usage metrics
  • Sales enablement metrics
  • Lead and demand gen metrics
  • How to use frameworks to choose metrics
  • Gathering data and presenting it using dashboards
Module 5


  • What is positioning and why is it important?
  • Difference between messaging and positioning
  • How to identify what makes you unique
  • Your positioning vs your competitors’
  • How to take positioning for growth
  • Ways to find out if your positioning is not working
  • How to roll out repositioning
  • How to use storytelling for powerful positioning
  • Driving positioning within your organization
  • How to design your narrative
  • How to roll out and maintain your narrative
  • Develop stories with storytelling frameworks
  • Science behind storytelling : speaking and listening


  • The business impact of messaging and why good messaging is so crucial
  • Product marketing’s role in messaging
  • How to get maximum impact from messaging frameworks
  • How to effectively research for developing your message
  • How to set objectives and draft your key messages
  • How to validate your messaging
  • How to ensure messaging is utilized across an organization
Module 6
  • What is sales enablement and its business impact
  • How to start your sales enablement program
  • Building your content, tools, process & metrics
  • How to assess and benchmark current vs future state
  • Best practice when building asset library
  • Sales eneblament tools and how to choose them
  • How to build sales enablement processes
  • Understanting different sales enabalement metrics
  • Best practices to launch and scale your sales enablement program
Module 7
  • Understand what is consumer psychology
  • How to influence consumer behavior pre purchase
  • How to influence consumer behavior using SUCCESS framework
  • How to influence consumer behavior during purchase
  • Understanding the psychology of pricing
  • How to build a consumer habit
  • STEPS framework to influence post-purchase behavior
Module 8

In this ultimate week, you will begin your structured effort towards a transition. You will be working with experts who will guide you how to restructure your resume, how to get in-bound & out-bound offers.


You will also learn how to prepare for interviews and how to answer interview questions leveraging proven frameworks.

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