AI-Powered SEO Course Online


AI-Powered SEO Course Online

Learn the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies used by world’s best SEO experts to dominate search rankings in the age of AI. No prior knowledge needed.


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Introducing the best AI-Powered SEO course in market

Unlock the potential of organic marketing with our AI - SEO course online. Our comprehensive self-paced course provides cutting-edge strategies and insights, integrating traditional SEO techniques with advanced AI-powered methods. By enrolling in our AI - SEO course online, you'll learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your website's visibility and ranking. This course covers everything from keyword research and on-page optimization to AI-powered content creation and link building. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, this course offers tailored content to enhance your skills and keep you ahead of the competition. Join our community of successful SEO professionals and transform your online presence with our expert guidance and real-world applications.

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Course Curriculum

Learn Beginner-to-Advanced Level Facebook & Instagram Ads with 70+ video lessons

Module 1
  • What is SEO and why do websites need it.
  • How does a search engine work
  • What is crawling & what are spiders
  • What is Indexing & how Google builds an index
  • Processing and Rendering
  • How does Google rank websites in SERP
  • Evolution of Search engines
  • Regular vs Core Algorithm updates
  • Most important Algorithm updates
  • Debunking SEO myths
  • White Hat vs Black Hat vs Grey Hat SEO
  • Important SEO terms
  • Critical ranking factors
Module 2
  • What are keywords & their importance
  • Short-tail vs Long-tail vs Chunky middle keywords
  • Primary vs Secondary keywords
  • What is On-Page SEO
  • Key on-page factors
  • On-page content strategy
  • HTML tags & URL structure
  • Internal linking strategy
  • Integrating Structured markup
  • Implementing E-E-A-T strategy
Module 3
  • What is Off-page SEO and why is it done
  • Understanding Authority in SEO terms
  • Domain Authority & Page Authority
  • Referring domains & TLD distribution
  • Spam score & how to keep it low
  • Types of links – DoFollow & NoFollow
  • Authority distribution via linking
  • Anchor text best practices
  • Link Building techniques with real examples
  • Outreach & digital PR
  • Skyscraper strategy
  • Backlink audit using tools
Module 4
  • What is technical SEO and its importance
  • Tools required for technical SEO
  • Website architecture for the win
  • SILO structure vs Flat structure
  • Setting up HTTPS – security elements
  • Implementing proper sitemaps
  • Best UX improvement tactics
  • Types of redirection and avoiding chain loops
  • Image optimization
  • Optimizing crawl budget
  • Server rendering types
  • Crawlability improvement techniques
Module 5
  • What is ASO and why mobile apps need it
  • App Store vs Play Store optimization
  • ASO Keyword approach
  • Optimization avenues in ASO
  • Key App ranking factors
  • ASO metrics to track
  • What is E-Com SEO & how is it different
  • E-commerce SEO trends
  • Understanding the E-commerce funnel
  • Types of category pages
  • Effective product page structure
Module 6
  • What is Local SEO and when to use it
  • How does Local SEO work
  • Understanding user behaviour in local searches
  • Local 3 Pack vs Organic listings
  • Specific location structure
  • Hyperlocal SEO techniques
  • Advanced Local SEO tactics
  • Local SEO metrics to track
  • Local SEO checklist

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SEO is evolving and is now more important than ever.

SEO is changing with AI tools getting popular. By combining SEO expertise with AI tools, marketers and website owners can dominate search engines without any guesswork. Companies and clients are looking for such SEO experts, but there aren't many out there.

By joining this course, you will be on the path to become an SEO expert.

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